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YuTong Gao

Yutong Gao is the co-founder of Easy Transfer Limited, a company focused on providing the ultimate solution for the pain point of an easier, faster, and more affordable international online wire transfer services. As a distinctive entrepreneur, Yutong has been recognized as one of the youngest entrepreneurs with tremendous potential by multiple medias, including Bloomberg Business Week 2016’s “25 under 25”, CY Zone’s “30 under 30”, Harvard China Summits’ top 15 entrepreneurs that are under 25, LieYun Web’s 2016 best 90s’ entrepreneur, and Southern California Chinese Innovation and Entrepreneurship Most Anticipated Rising Star Awards.


About Easy Transfer Limited:

EasyTransfer operates an online service and maintains banking relationships between payment processors and banks in China to give Chinese students and their families a single channel for tuition payment processing. To quickly and easily transfer the tuition payments to the institutions around the world, EasyTransfer has agreements with institutions and their banks. EasyTransfer has processed transactions over ten hundred million annually. By 2015, it has received angle round investment from Taiyou, Zhen, and ManZi Fund. In 2016, EasyTransfer received pre-A round investment from IDG Capital China.