You have the talent, we have the opportunities. 

The 2018 Sino British Summit hopes to build on the success of our inaugural event by providing a comprehensive look at the opportunities and challenges that technology poses to the UK, China, and the rest of the world.

We are looking for talented individuals to assist our current team in delivering success to the Summit in 2019; as well as ensuring that the Sino British Summit Scholarship continues to provide support to young people throughout the UK and China.

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Information about applications

Please send your CV to V.Qiu@sinobritishsummit.org and ensure that you state your full name and prospective job title in the subject of the email.

The Summit is a non-profit startup, and therefore cannot guarantee a salary; although we will always strive to fulfill our commitment to you:

  • An eclectic mix of opportunities. At the Summit, you could be working with UK or Chinese government departments, meeting with Fortune 500 executives, or managing the relationships with our Patrons - from members of the Royal family to principals of world-renowned schools. The experience you will gain from these varied roles will be invaluable.
  • An international network. You will be in touch with the latest political, economic and educational developments in both China and the UK; and gain an understanding of different business environments and cultures that will provide you with the skills required to work with us overseas.
  • A platform for change. The Summit was established to strengthen the relationship between the UK and China. With our values in mind, the Summit will provide support for creative ideas and projects, providing you with the platform to start making a difference.

I look forward to receiving your applications.

Vincent Qiu, Director of Events