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Tim Clissold

Tim Clissold is the author of Mr. China – a book that has been translated into fifteen languages and was awarded Book of the Year by The Economist. After graduating with an MA in Physics and Theoretical Physics from Cambridge University, Clissold has lived and worked in China for more than twenty years. He spent two years studying Mandarin in Beijing where he co-founded one of the first private equity firms in China in 1994. The group invested 400 million dollars in over twenty PRC joint ventures. Since then he ran the distressed investment business at Goldman Sachs China. More recently, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Peony Capital Limited, a Beijing-based fund that primarily invests in clean energy projects in China.  

About Peony Capital Limited

Peony Capital Limited is a carbon capital fund that primarily invests in clean development mechanism projects in China. The Beijing-based company was founded in 2007 and is backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Peony Capital has invested over EUR 100 million in two large fuel switching projects with one of China’s largest power generation companies and is currently looking into projects in waste heat recovery, energy efficiency, coal mine methane, landfill management, and small-scale hydropower.