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Susan Zhu

Ms. Susan Zhu is the founder of Shanghai Treasure Carbon, and is at the very forefront of Chinese carbon exchange, frequently working with organisations such as the Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange (SEEE). She currently sits on the council of the Centre for China and Globalization (CCG), a highly influential Beijing-based think tank, and is a frequent contributor as an external low-carbon expert at the Hong Kong Finance Academy. Ms. Zhu has largely focused her low-carbon investments in the Chinese market and has developed a large number of high quality carbon assets. More recently she has signed strategic cooperation agreements with large-scale entreprises, with her company delivering carbon calculating, and managing of carbon assets for a number of listed companies.

About Shanghai Treasure Carbon

Established in 2010, Shanghai Treasure Carbon always adheres to the philosophy of being a low-carbon value creator. Having built itself in the Chinese market, it continues to develop its position as a low-carbon manager for co-operatives. Treasure Carbon delivers services including project development for carbon emission reduction, performance guarantee services and low-carbon capacity building.