Our Mission

The Sino British Summit was founded in 2016 as a non-profit organization that promotes cultural and business exchanges between the UK and China. The Summit is politically neutral and works to provide platforms, not directions, for debate. Our commitment is to the current and future stakeholders within the Sino British relationship, and we therefore ensure that our events, scholarships and services adhere to the highest organizational standards in both the UK and China.

The cultural differences between the UK and China should be celebrated, and although it is the case that such differences will cause some misunderstandings, we hope that with the right foundations, cultural diversity will act as an incentive for closer cooperation. It was under these circumstances that the Sino British Summit was established - a neutral platform that encourages free dialogue among the current and future stakeholders in the Sino British relationship.

In 1978, China embarked on a journey of reform that resulted in greater openness, eventually building a flourishing global economy that continues to miraculously reform society. As Chinese citizens become more wealthy, their standard of living, especially in terms of education and employment, has consistently improved. To this day, China's continuing development, and its cooperation with Britain on economic and educational innovation has proven highly successful.