International Women’s Day: Shining the Spotlight on the Summit’s Leaders

The 8th of March, 2018, is all about celebrating International Women’s Day, and the social, economic, political and cultural achievement of women. In advocacy of this great initiative, the Sino British Summit would like to recognize some of our most influential speakers, and invite passionate and like-minded supporters to our event on the 24th and 25th of March at the Rosewood Hotel.

This year, the Summit will focus on delving into a Digital Dialogue about the most recent technological transformations in this digital age; its influences on finance and our current political economy; and most important, what the future of it entails. Some of our distinguished speakers from education, financial, and political sectors will gather to discuss some of the latest developments in Fintech, global politics, and digital society.

Taking part in the first panel, The Future of Fintech: UK and China, Margaret Ren, the Executive President and Chairman of Bank of America Merrill Lynch China will be presenting the future challenges and developments within FinTech within the UK and China. Ms. Ren is one of the most experienced Chinese bankers, with more than 25 years of industry experience. She has extensive knowledge of and deep relationships with the Chinese financial and corporate sectors, and has worked on many landmark transactions across Greater China. She joins BAML from BNP Paribas, where she was chairman for Corporate Finance, Greater China. Margaret was named among the Top 50 most powerful business women in Asia by Forbes in 2013, and the 100 most influential women in finance by Financial News in 2009.

Participating in the second panel, Educational Development in the Digital age, Caroline Wright, the Director General of the British Education Supplier Association will be discussing how technology has shaped and changed the education sector in the 21st century. During Caroline’s time at BESA, the association has grown in impact and size and represents more than 80% of the UK educational resources market and more than 350 education suppliers. From an early career working in national and local newspapers, she moved into Government working as Director of Communications across a range of Departments including the Department for Education, Ofsted, Partnerships for Schools, The Cabinet Office, and the Department of Trade and Industry. 

Alongside Wright, Melody Lang, the CEO of Edvinca, will be moderating the Educational Development in the Digital age panel. Lang is incredibly passionate about education and finding ways to improve it on a global scale. She believes that “in Education, one of today’s priorities is to address the gap between graduates and corporates: graduates are not job-ready while corporates struggle to find people with the right skills.” At Edvinca, she is responsible for setting strategy, implementing plans for growth, managing investments and developing key strategic partnerships. Prior to heading up Edvinca, Melody was Director of Partnerships and Implementations at Knewton, the world's leading adaptive learning technology provider. She was Knewton’s first international employee when the London office was opened in 2013, overseeing a growing number of partnerships with major European publishers. Additionally, she has extensive experience within the both the financial and education sector, and specifically, with regards to adaptive digital learning products with a focus on client-facing implementation.

Dr. Tang Beijie, the Deputy Secretary General of the Center for China Globalization, will be partaking in the panels, Digital Technology’s Influence on Global Politics and Generation Wired – how ‘always on’ digital is shaping lives globally’. In Tang’s early career days, she worked as an import/export consultant in Shanghai. Since 2004, she had spent 10 years studying political science in the United States. Her academic interests concentrated on international political economy, Chinese domestic politics, and US-China relations. Prior to joining the CCG, she worked as a journalist covering the political and economic affairs of Southern Nevada, and advised the heads of the regional economic development agencies on Chinese outbound investment. She also authored several major research reports and policy papers.

The fourth panel, Lifestyle: how tech is improving day-today life across the world, will feature Ding Ying and Maria Sun as speakers. Ying has worked in Immigration and global investment Industry since 1999, during these 19 years, she has already achieved on helping over ten thousand families getting their green card. She’s also the very first person to promote and launch the EB5 program in China and her company, QWOS GROUP has achieved 100% of successful rate over the years. Vivian has set up QWOS during her young age and has successfully developed QWOS to be the number one immigration brand during these 19 years of development.

Sun started her career in various management roles for the JinJiang Hotel Group. In 2000, she started at Ctrip where she was director of the Customer Service Center and implemented a comprehensive quality management system. In 2006, she was promoted to Vice President, then Senior Vice President in 2011. In 2012, she transferred to the Accommodation Business Unit, where she now serves as Executive Vice President and CEO. In late 2016, she was appointed Chief Operating Officer of Ctrip, while still maintaining her role as CEO of the Accommodation Business Group.

Nina Trentmann, a news editor of the Wall Street Journal, will be moderating this panel. She is a seasoned business and finance journalist that has extensive experience in reporting on business and finance in the UK and China. Her main focuses of coverage include RMB-internationalization, Made in China 2025, and foreign firms in China. Prior to covering corporate finance for the Wall Street Journal in London, she was based in Shanghai in 2012 and 2013. During her time, she reported on manufacturing, the automotive industry, and tech; she continues to cover business and finance in China from 2013 to 2016 as she kept her journalist accreditation.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, and of the distinguished women on our panels, we would like to extend an offer to invite you to our event on the 24th and 25th of March at the Rosewood Hotel. Just type in the promotion code, FREEADMISSION, onto our Eventbrite page when registering, and you will receive the offer for your ticket. We look forward to seeing you there!

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