The Sino British Summit Team visits SanPower Group

On the 25th of August 2017, the Sino British Summit team met the management of SanPower Group to exchange views on future opportunities for cooperation. The participants included Director Tang of the Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu Province, Hua Gui Kan, Vice President of SanPower, Liu Hai, General Manager of the International Affairs Management Center, Gao Po, Business Director of Cultural Brand Management Center, and Ryan Li Chairman of the Summit.
(N5) Caption: The Sino British Summit team visit SanPower Group. From left to right are: Gao Po, Sanpower Group Cultural Brand Management Center Officer, Ji Liang, SanPower Group House of Fraser China Chief Marketing Officer, Director Tang of Jiangsu Province Foreign Affairs Office, Hua Gui Kan, Vice President of the SanPower Group, Ryan Li, Chairman of the Sino British Summit, Liu Hao, SanPower Group International Affairs Management Center General Manager, Wang Ran SanPower Group Brand Vice Director.

SanPower Vice President Hua Gui Kan said that the group will seize the opportunities for globalization in Order to consolidate overseas business development, particularly achieving an international strategy of successful practice with British companies. This vision is in-line with the principles of the Sino British Summit with regards to the promotion of cooperation between Chinese and British enterprises. The Summit looks forward to the future of cooperation between the two countries and its strengthening of them enterprises.

About SanPower Group SanPower Group Corporation Limited is based in Nanjing, Jiangsu province. It focuses on the modern Services industry within China's top 500 private enterprise groups. SanPower Group works with many listed companies, such as Hongtu Hi-Tech, Wanwei International, Hongtusanbao, Hongtu Real Estate, China News Weekly, House of Fraser, Brookstone, Natali, and other key domestic and foreign enterprises. In recent years, the Group has carried Out a series of overseas investment mergers and acquisitions and learnt about foreign model develop ments in order to speed up the transformation of traditional industries. SanPower Group hopes to further its ranks among the world's Fortune 500 companies. Alongside its growing social and corporate wealth, SanPower Group is also actively involved in charity, particularly in earthquake relief, education support, and environmental protection.