Meeting Feedback and Overview

On February 4th 2017, the inaugural Sino British Summit was held at the Four Seasons Hotel in London. Participating guests consist of of leaders in finance, education, international relations and business sectors. The focus of their discussions revolved around the significant opportunities and global challenges that As the guest of honour, Minister Jin Xu from the Chinese Embassy gave the opening speech and warmly welcomed the guests to the inaugural Sino British Summit.

Ryan Li, the co-founder and Chairman of the Summit, welcomed guests alongside Jin Xu and Vincent Qiu, Co-founder and Director of Events.

The first topic of discussion was the Global Economic Outlook 2017. The four panelists discussed changes in the global economy And the political environment with regards to Brexit and Trump's presidency. Richard Cooper, former US Under-Secretary of State argued that the Chinese and global economy would continue to grow, although Shanghai will not challenge London or New York as a financial center without an independent judiciary. However, Cooper was confident on China's ability to handle the issues of its growing internal debt and "zombie" enterprises.

The second topic of discussion focused on education in China and the west. Katherine Curruthers, the Director of the Confucius Institute at Peking University and UCL; Micheal Spens, former Headmaster of Fettes College; and Chen Shu, Headmaster of the Guangzhou Ying Hao College, discussed similarities and differences in the education systems in China and the west. They also examined the difficulties in establishing educational institutions that attempt to merge the most successful practices from different cultures.

After lunch, Professor Rana Mitter, Director of the China Office at Oxford University; Catherine West, Labor MP for Hornsey and Wood Green; and Rupert Hammond-Chambers, President of the US-Taiwan Business Council, started a lively discussion on the opportunities and challenges that face China in international affairs. In the midst of a changing international political economy, Professor Mitter pointed out that that "Although China is not as concerned with its position as a global political leader, it should still Be aware of the tense relationships it has with certain countries. "Catherine West suggested that China should establish stronger relationships with Its neighboring countries in order to avoid fostering unnecessary tensions in the region.

The fourth topic of discussion focused on the internationalization of Chinese brands. Luo Gang, CEO of Huawei UK; Cao Jie, Asia-Pacific Regional Director of London and Partners; David Lloyd, UK and Nordic Managing Director of Alibaba Group; and Jin Xu, Commerical Minister at the Chinese Embassy all agreed that despite some clear challenges, Brexit was a great opportunity for the Chinese and Cao Jie and Luo Gang suggested that brands should separate themselves from their country of origin, and instead of focusing on delivering quality products around the world.

After a day of lively discussion Kathrine Carruthers gave the closing address, thanking our panelists and guests for their contributions.

Ryan Li, Chairman of the Summit, and the rest of the Executive Board saw the inaugural event as only the beginning of the Summit's contribution to strengthening the progressive relationship between China, the UK and The rest of the international community. The Summit will continue to create a platform for exchanging ideas on politics, education, and the economy The Sino British Summit would like to thank all panelists, media outlets, and attendees for supporting our inaugural event We hope to see you again next year!