Deputy​ ​Director​ ​,​ ​Sun​ ​Yi,​ ​meets with​ Vincent​ ​Qiu

On the morning of August 23rd, Sun Yi met with Sino British Summit founders Vincent Qiu and Ryan Li in Nanjing. Qiu and Li briefed Yi on the details and recent development of the Summit and presented Their plan to seek cooperation. Yi expressed his appreciation for the young university students' commitment and innovative Spirits. Yi also discussed the future potential of cooperation and endorsements from the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office Of Jiangsu. Yi believed that the Summit reflected the youth's role as a significant part of China and the UK's future, especially in areas of finance, economics, trade, and education.

Beyond these fields, the Summit also explores opportunities for cooperation on culture and creativity, strategy research and new start-ups. Vincent Qiu was instrumental in the founding of The Sino British Summit, a non-governmental and non-profit making organization, in 2016 and currently serves serves as Jiangsu Friendship Emissary whilst also continuing as a student in London.

The Summit continues to contribute to the development of the network of cooperation between China and the UK through the joining of leaders in Political, commercial, and education sectors at the annual Summit. The second Sino British Summit will be held In London in late February of 2018.