12th Chinese Overseas Students Innovation Forum

On the 12th of August 2017, the Center for China and Globalization (CCG), an independent think tank based in Beijing, hosted the 12th Overseas Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum. Co-founders of the Summit, Ryan Li and Vincent Qiu, and China's Chief Representative, Lin Lin were invited to attend The Forum. Ryan Li was a guest speaker for the Forum regarding youths and their role in A shared economy. Dai Jun Liang, Deputy Director of the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, Guo Jun, D eputy Director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, Liu Li Min, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education, and Wang Pi Jun, Secretary of the Western Returned Scholars Association , All attended the Forum and delivered speeches at the opening ceremony vision of innovative contributions that could be made by returning students from overseas.

The Forum consisted of six main topics; The mission of returning overseas Chinese students in the era of globalization; the era of artificial intelligence and big data; methods in promoting the development of science and technology by returning overseas Chinese students; the younger generation and shared economy innovation in China; optimization Talent development and policy to stimulate innovative entrepreneurship from returning overseas students; and the future of the health Industry - which could potentially be China's next gold mine.

Ryan Li, being the youngest speaker of the Forum, attended the fourth discussion alongside Hong Ming Ji , The CEO of Hop Hing Group, Zhang Si Ding, co-founder of OFO Shared Bicycle, This discussion revolved around China's youth generation and the development of its As the youngest participant, Li commenced the discussion by sharing his experience overseas, outlook on The future of youth entrepreneurship, and unique insights on the shared economy. He stated his belief that pas sion is essential for start-ups and that the shared economy was built on the basis of social trust working in conjunction with strong government support. Entrepreneurship in a shared economy would require the government to provide a large platform for young entrepreneurs to flourish.

Through this Forum, the Sino British Summit has established a close relationship with the CCG Global Think Tank and a private meeting was held to pursue their future cooperation and development. The CCG is currently considering the development of innovative communication circles amongst the young generation, and hopes to extend this into the British community. The CCG and the Sino British Summit shared a common goal as both are led by a younger generation with members active in China and the UK. They looked forward to more cooperation ahead.