The Summit's Advisory Board


Chairman of the Advisory Board


Alastair Michie - Secretary General, british east asia council

In 2014, Alistair was appointed as one of the five Chief Advisors to the Chinese Government "s Foreign Experts Advisory Committee (FEAC) within the State Administration for Foreign Experts Affairs. In this role Alistair has led on creating four policy papers to advise the State Council and Premier Li Keqiang.

In 2013 the Chinese Government awarded Alistair the "Friendship Award" medal.This is the supreme honor that the Chinese government confers upon experts experts who have made outstanding contributions to China.
From 2013 Alistair has advised President Yang Wenchang of the Chinese People's Institute for Foreign Affairs (CPIFA). This led to President Yang inviting Alistair in March 2015 to guide three former senior Chinese Ambassadors in UK to research political trends in UK and Europe.
In 2012 Alistair was appointed as the Senior Consultant to Madam Xu Lin the CEO of Hanban.
Since 1993 Alistair has travelled to and worked in China every year. During the past six years Alistair and his wife have lived over nine months of each year in China. Before developing a focus on China, Alistair worked in the UK Parliament and later approved many multinational business leaders. Advising the CEO of Standard Chartered, Sir Malcolm Williamson, in 1993 led to two decades of experience working in almost all of the provinces and regions of China. It was during this time that Alistair led an initiative that created the Dragon " s Ascent project. This brought together the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Needham Research Institute (NRI) at Cambridge University to create, at that time, the largest ever documentary television series about China. In 2002 Alistair was appointed as the first honorary Associate of the NRI at Cambridge University.
The focus of Alistair "s work in China has been providing strategic advice to build cross-cultural understanding between the world and China. This has led to a number of advisory roles. He became the first British national to be invited to brief the newly appointed Secretary General, Xi Jinping, in December 2012. Alistair is also the Secretary General of the British East Asia Council (BEAC), which links the elite of business leaders and former statesmen in China and the UK. The major advisory role of Alistair is as the Business and Government Advisor to NICG, which is a global leader on strategic counsel related to China.


Members of the Advisory Board


henry wang - president of gate international 

Mr Wang is a International Adviser & Director, Author & Speaker with 35+ years of experience on China, Middle East, Asia & EU. He is President of Gate International and a FRSA. He was a Director & Executive Adviser at SABIC and a Shell Director.

He has worked for leading SOEs, Multinationals and Joint Ventures globally. He has held senior positions as Board Director, Strategy & Planning Director, Managing Consultant, GM, and Chief Negotiator for major contracts in China & worldwide.

He is also a Board Adviser to key International Agencies and Government Institutions plus leading Universities. He has advised various OECD & non OECD Countries & Governments.

He is Vice Chairman of the OECD BIAC Environment & Energy Committee and a member of China Carbon Forum Advisory Board. He was past Vice Presidents of the British and EU Chambers of Commerce in China.


Alexander chen - vice president of brightscholar

Mr Shu Chen has served as a vice president of BrightScholar Education Holdings Limited since March 2017. Mr. Chen has also served as a managing director of Kirkcaldy Family Office, engaged engaged in education planning for children of clients and financial strategy development for clients' overseas investments, since 2015. From 2015 to 2017, Mr. Chen served as a managing director of Feishang Group, a Chinese investment holding company. From 2008 to 2015, Mr. Chen was the founder and chairman of Yinghao College (International), one of China's first international schools Mr. Chen was asenior consultant in Segway Inc. from 2010 to 2012, the chairman of Zeus Education from 2007 to 2014 and an investment analyst in Agilo from 2007 to 2008. Mr. Chen obtained a bachelor degree in economics from University College London.