Dan Choon

Mr. Dan Choon is Founder and Director of Cycle, a private equity fund investing in sustainable technology. Dan is Cycle’s visionary, strategist, cooperation enhancer and company builder. He leads the strategy and corporate development of Cycle and takes care of portfolio development and strategic cooperations. Mr. Choon is also the founder of Dyan, a Luxembourg and Hong Kong based family office specialized on sourcing off-market direct investment opportunities in Europe and Asia. Before, Dan co-founded Venionaire Investment GmbH, a Venture Capital Fund based in Vienna investing in high-tech startup companies in Europe. Before that, Dan worked as a technology M&A specialist with Ganzfeld, that he founded, performing technical due diligence and IT consulting, developing technology investment strategies for international customers and analyzing technology investment opportunities in Europe and selec- ting and evaluating the most promising.


About Cycle Group

Cycle is specialized in technology investments with a focus on application and scalability in China and the South East Asian region. The fund leverages growth opportunities in booming Asian markets to generate top financial returns and environmental benefits. Cycle aligns strategic interests of East Asian and European investors and scales technology.