Susan Zhu

Ms. Susan Zhu is one of the first forerunners participating China carbon exchange, founder of Shanghai Treasure Carbon New Energy Environmental Protection Technology Ltd. , Hong Kong substation of Shanghai Environment Energy Exchange and the first low-carbon funds and trust in China. She acts as the council member of Centre for China and Globalization (CCG), as well as the external low-carbon think tank expert of Hong Kong Finance Academy. Ms. Zhu has been focusing on low-carbon market in China for years. She invests and develops a large number of carbon assets with high quality, signs strategic cooperation agreements with large-scale enterprises and performs carbon calculating, and manages carbon assets of several listed companies.


About Shanghai Treasure Carbon:

Established in 2010, Shanghai Treasure Carbon New Energy Environmental Protection Technology Ltd. always adheres to the philosophy of low-carbon value creator, concentrates on China low-carbon market, and dedicates to become low-carbon manager for co-operatives. Treasure delivers services including carbon emission reduction project development, performance guarantee service of carbon (covering carbon emission calculating, carbon assets management, carbon exchange, carbon financial service, low-carbon capacity building), carbon information disclosure and carbon neutral for carbon emission reduction enterprises, emission control enterprises and other carbon market participators.