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Melody Lang

Dr. Melody Lang is CEO of edvinca, an investment company exclusively dedicated to Educational Technology (EdTech). She is responsible for setting strategy, implementing plans for growth, managing investments, and developing key strategic partnerships. Prior to heading up edvinca, Dr. Lang was Director of Partnerships and Implementations at Knewton, the world's leading adaptive learning technology provider. She was Knewton’s first international employee when the London office was opened in 2013, overseeing a growing number of partnerships with major European publishers. She started her career as an engineer and research scientist, working at first in marine engineering before moving into the aerospace industry at QinetiQ.


About edvinca

Founded in 2017, edvinca is the first investment company dedicated exclusively to Educational Technology (EdTech). The aim of edvinca is to help EdTech startups make large-scale impact. edvinca has active investors who like to think global and invest in early stage companies that edvinca could grow alongside their founders. edvinca offers follow-on funding and deploy permanent capital to address the long-term vision. edvinca focuses on: Digital Content Creation and Delivery; Extra-Curricular Distributed Learning; Program Adequacy: Learning-to-Employment