Maria Sun

Ms. Maria Sun started her career in various management roles for the JinJiang Hotel Group. In 2000, she started at Ctrip where she was director of the Customer Service Center and implemented a comprehensive quality management system. In 2006 Ms. Sun was promoted to Vice President, then Senior Vice President in 2011. In 2012 she transferred to the Accommodation Business Unit, where she now serves as Executive Vice President and CEO. In late 2016 she was appointed Chief Operating Officer of Ctrip, while still maintaining her role as CEO of the Accommodation Business Group. She received her undergraduate degree from JiaoTong University (Shanghai) and her MBA from China Europe International Business School (Shanghai).


About Ctrip:

Founded in 1999, Ctrip is a Chinese provider of travel services including accommodation reservation, transportation ticketing, packaged tours and corporate travel management. Ctrip was listed on NASDAQ in 2003 and came 9th on China’s Top 100 Internet Companies List in 2017. Ctrip also provides travel data collection and analysis, industry benchmark, cost saving analysis, and travel management solutions; and Corporate Travel Management System, an online platform that integrates information maintenance, online booking and authorization, online enquiry, and travel report system. Additionally, the company offers online advertising services; and sells Property Management System, as well as provides related maintenance services.