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Farid Haque

Mr Farid Haque is the co-founder and COO of Asset Vault, a start-up company that provides digital legal and financial products. He is responsible for executing the company’s strategic steps, developing its intellectual property portfolio, and expanding its global operations.  Mr. Haque has served in a number of leadership positions in financial services technology services at Accenture, where he carried out pioneering projects in hash-based cryptography including implementing secure authentication protocols for tokenized digital assets. During his time at Accenture, he was seconded to Barclays Business Bank as interim Head of Corporate Strategy. Mr. Haque was also the founder of Erly Stage Studios, a gaming and innovation studio that designs educational games for K-12 & Higher Education consumers. 

About AssetVault

A TechStars Class of 2016 company and the winner of multiple financial services industry innovation and fintech awards, Asset Vault seeks to use AI, machine learning and blockchain technologies to record, protect, trade, and transfer any digital or physical assets. Digital assets range from shares across multiple markets, startup investments, peer to peer loans and physical assets include property, vehicles, jewellery, art etc. The company is backed by some of the most experienced and respected experts in the financial services and technology industries.