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Chris Riebold

Mr Chris Riebold has more than 20 years of executive leadership experience in over 100 countries. He is currently the President of ParianBlack, a globally-focused strategic advisory firm. Before joining the company in 2016, he was the Chief Operating Officer for Aliya Financial Technologies. Prior to that, he was the Chief Credit & Risk Officer of Cisco Systems Capital (Americas, APAC, Japan, and China).

About ParianBlack

ParianBlack is a globally-focused management consulting, strategic advisory, growth generation, and investment firm based in Texas, USA. The company works with top executives of public and private start-ups, middle market, and Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries to provide high impact strategic advisement, capital market strategies and operational expertise. ParianBlack has extensive experience in over 100 countries in various industries - namely finance, law, technology, real estate, fintech - and they have designed programs in fintech, risk management, data analytics, blockchain, cryptocurrency solutions, machine-learning, etc.