The 2018 Sino British Summit


The growing presence of digital technology in society has brought upon immense change; whether it be in finance, politics, education, or even our everyday lives, we can't seem to do without it. The 2018 Sino British Summit will focus on delving into a Digital Dialogue about the most recent transformations technology in this digital age; its influences on finance and our current political economy; and most importantly, what the future of it entails. The digital sectors in both China and the UK are one of the fastest growing markets; the potential of collaboration between the two countries and abundance of new technological innovations will be discussed at the Summit.

The Sino British Summit was founded in 2016 as a non-profit organization that promotes cultural and business exchanges between the UK and China. The Summit is politically neutral and works to provide platforms, not directions, for debate. This year, the 2018 Sino British Summit will be held at The Rosewood Hotel in London on the 24th and 25th of March 2018.

Over 20 of China and the UK's most influential business men and women will gather to discuss the latest developments on Fintech, the digital age, education, global politics, and digital society. This year, the Summit is proud to have support from organisations such as: Fidelity, Cartier, Virgin Group, Rhodes Trust, Visa, the Chinese Embassy, The British Council, and Lennar International.

Coffee, tea and lunch will be provided. 

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Building on the success of the inaugural 2017 event, the agenda will consist of a series of panels with topics that include: 

  • The future of FinTech in the UK and China
  • The growing importance of China in the British/Western education sector
  • Global politics in a digital age
  • The young generation in the Digital Age 
  • How technology is improving daily life across the world
  • How China is setting standards for global retail

This weekend will be filled with lively discussion and bring you the newest insights on digital developments in China and the UK.


The panels and speakers:


The future of FinTech: UK and China

●      Margaret Ren - Executive President and Chairman, Bank of America Merrill Lynch China

●      Glen Moreno - Chairman, Virgin Money

●      Ian Hood - Head of Digital, Member of Executive Committee UK, Fidelity International

●      Jeff Cao - Head of Asia Pacific, London and Partners

●      Minister. Jiang Su Nan - Minister Councillor of Technology, Chinese Embassy

●      Mr. Michael Kuan - Chairman, Kuan Capital

Moderator: Mr. James Kynge - Emerging market editor, Financial Times


Educational development in a digital age

●      Caroline Wright - Director General, British Education Supplier Association

●      Charles Conn - Global CEO, Oxford Rhodes Trust

●      Alexander Chen - Vice President, Bright Scholar Education Group

●      Tony Little - Chief Academic Officer, GEMS Education Group


Digital technology’s influence on global politics

●      Dr. Tang Beijie - Deputy Secretary General, Center of China and Globalization

●      Rupert Hammond Chambers - President, US-Taiwan Business Council

●      Professor Daya Thussu - Co-Director of India Media Center, University of Westminster

Moderator: George Parker - Political Editor, Financial Times


Generation wired - how ‘always on’ digital is shaping lives globally

●      Sammy Tang - Secretary General, Pitch@Palace China

●      Vincent Dassault - Philanthropist, Founder & CEO

●      Tony Gao - Co Founder and CEO, Easy Transfer, Forbes 30s Under 30 Asia

●      Rambo Shyy - Young leader, actor

●      Dr. Tang Beijie - Deputy Secretary General, Center for China Globalisation

●      Susan Zhu - Founder, Shanghai Treasure Carbon


Lifestyle - how technology is improving daily life across the world

●      Ding Ying - CEO and Chairman, Beijing Qiaowai Group

●      Chris Marlin - President, Lennar International

●      Ray Clacher - Executive Vice President, Trinity Group

●      Li Hai Feng - Fosun Global Partner, Senior Vice President, Fosun Foundation Director General

●      Maria Sun - Chief Operating Officer, Ctrip


E-Commerce - how China is setting standards for global retail

●      Ray Clacher - Executive Vice President, Trinity Group

●      Tao Jinzhou - Managing Partner, Dechert LLP

●      Wang Xiao Hua - Founding Partner, United Capital

Moderator: Nina Trentmann – News Editor, Wall Street Journal



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