The 2018 Sino British Summit


The second Sino British Summit took place on the weekend of the 24th of March 2018. Speakers and attendees filled the Rosewood Hotel with lively discussion on the fast pace of digital developments and their impact on finance, education, politics, and e-commerce in China and the UK. The main theme of discussion this year was Digital Dialogue, which focused on the rise of digital technologies and how they can fundamentally change the ways in which international relations are formed and sustained.  

Ryan Li, Chairman of the Sino British Summit, opened the weekend with a warm welcome to all attending speakers, delegates, and guests of the event. Joining him, Chris Marlin, the President of Lennar International, endorsed the summit’s discursive platform and expressed the need for finding the ‘connective tissue’ between people, industries, and countries. Beijie Tang, the Managing Director of the Center for China and Globalisation, also took part in opening the weekend by highlighting the role of young leadership in China’s new ‘industrial revolution’.  

The Sino British Summit hopes to continue to provide a platform for debating diverse ideas, and would like to thank all panelists, media outlets, and attendees for supporting our second event. We hope to see you again next year!