Alexander Chen

Alexander Chen is Vice President of Bright Scholar Holdings. Mr. Chen was former Managing Director of Kirkcaldy Family Office, primarily engaged in education planning for children of clients and financial strategy development for clients’ overseas investments. He was former Managing Director of Feishang Group. He also founded Yinghao College International, one of China’s first international schools. Mr. Chen was a Senior Consultant in Segway Inc. (2010 – 2012), and the Chairman of Zeus Education from (2007 – 2014).


About Bright Scholar:

Bright Scholar is the biggest K12 education group in China. Bright Scholar was listed on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on 18th of May in 2017, being the biggest Chinese education group IPO listed. It is one of first Chinese international schools which mainly enrolls Chinese students and uses three-stage IB curriculum. They operated 62 schools and kindergartens across 8 provinces in China, including 6 international schools, 16 bilingual schools and 40 kindergartens.